LAVON Weatherproof Mirror Cover, Exterior Car Accessories,Large Super Duty, Lightweight, Durable, Universal Size Fits Most Cars, Vans, SUV, Trucks



Have you placed plastic bags over your side mirrors with disappointing results? Your worries are over because you have just discovered the best accessories for your car mirror. These massive car side mirror covers will make your driving for work a breeze.


TO APPLY: Slip these covers over your car side mirrors and move up the locking slide to secure them in place. Now place the plastic knob at the end of the strings inside each car door and close. Done. Scratches, bird-attack-free mirrors tomorrow morning and they are totally secure from theft.

TO REMOVE: Open the door, slide the toggle down to release, slip the cover off, give it a shake and store in your glove box.


Our mirror cover can be applied wearing gloves or mittens so your hands stay warm. The Side Mirror Covers are made from lightweight, durable material of the highest quality. They do not need to be a heavy fabric to work as designed.

BBZ mirror cover size is 15 inch long x 13 inch high. On their own or combined with our car windshield cover, your scraping, brushing from your car side mirrors and windshield is over, not to mention the physical effort and time wasted. Spend those extra minutes in bed or just enjoying the warmth of your home.



Brand: LAVON

Manufacturer: By Camelot Revisited Cheesecloth 100% Cotton


UPC: 071503385383

EAN: 0071503385383



  • ✓ NEW LOOK & PROTECTION: BBZ side mirror cover car accessory is designed for mounting over the back of your car’s side-view mirrors to give a custom appearance. BBZ rear-view mirror covers can withstand various damaging sun rays, rainwater, and harsh elements, guaranteeing protection to your car mirror. When it comes to mirror protection and enhanced looks, nothing can beat BBZ side mirror covers.
  • ✓ PERFECT CAR ACCESSORIES: By covering the mirror with BBZ side mirror cover, you protect your mirrors against fading, scratches, and other forms of damage. Our mirror cover is easy to mount; easily fits with most of mirror, easily installed. If you want to give your car mirrors a new look while keeping them protected, BBZ side mirror cover is the perfect addition to enhance your car appeal.
  • ✓ MASSIVE SIZE, EASY INSTALLATION: No other mirror cover comes close to BBZ mirror cover with 13*15 inches, which will fit any car, SUV, Minivan, and even some trucks. Our mirror cover is fast to put on and fast to take off. Just slide over exterior mirrors and adjust drawstring to close. Drive away hassle free!
  • ✓ NO MORE TROUBLE: With BBZ mirror cover, you have no worries about everlasting war against bird attacks. Our rear view mirror cover will protect your mirror and your car from birds, damaging contact with objects in the driveway, and children with bicycles. Also, no more damaging sun rays, fading, scratches. Just release drawstring, remove and you are ready to go.
  • ✓ RISK-FREE PURCHASE: BBZ tries to provide consumers with best shopping experiences. We offer 100% refund/replacement if you’re in any respects unhappy with the our mirror cover. Drop us a message, tell us about your problem and get your money back. Try our rear view mirror cover risk-free!



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