Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door, Fits Doors Up To 38 x 82-Inch

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UPC: 053119871962

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Brand: Flux Phenom


  • INSTALLS IN AN INSTANT – Assembly kit included – All metal black thumbtacks and weather resistant hook and loop backing makes for quick and easy installation and removal. Comes with our FREE VIDEO INSTALLATION TUTORIAL.
  • FITS ALL DOOR SIZES UP TO 38″x82″ – If your door frame measures 38″ or less in width and 82″ or less in height, then this adjustable hanging screen door will be the perfect fit! Can be used as a replacement for a fixed screen door and fits front, rear, interior or exterior, entry, patio, deck, porch, balcony, glass, garage, and even sliding doors. IMPORTANT: Measure your door before ordering to be sure our screen will fit.
  • OPENS AND CLOSES LIKE MAGIC! The middle seam of the screen door netting is strategically lined with powerful magnetic cubes and magnet strips that allow the door to open easily and close seamlessly! Includes 26 magnets for the best seal and closure. The folding screen door is also retractable, frameless, and detachable and can be rolled up for temporary storage during the off months and is easily removable.
  • MULTI FUNCTION DESIGN. Keeps bugs out, lets fresh air in. HANDS-FREE- Allows for easy walkthrough while your hands are full. PET FRIENDLY – Dogs and cats can go inside and outside of the house with ease. Screen net helps keep insects, mosquitos, and flies OUT!
  • DURABLE, HEAVY DUTY MESH – Upgraded mesh curtain with a higher thread count than other cheap screens and full reinforced edges survive the test of time. Comes with premium metal black thumbtacks and hook and loop adhesive strips for extra security. Hardware is black and invisible when installed.


At Flux Phenom, we’re committed to making your life easier. Our magnetic screen door installs and uninstalls in just minutes, keeping out bugs and insects, and providing a hands-free and self-sealing way to get in and out of your home. Give yourself, your family, and your treasured four-legged friends the convenience of easy entry and exit and a home filled with fresh air.

With more than 60,000 satisfied customers, and over 1500 5-star ratings, Flux Phenom is your trusted source for screen doors.

We promise unmatched reliability and exceptional craftsmanship. Don’t be fooled by other cheap screens or the hassles of traditional screen doors. Our durable, heavy duty mesh screen with reinforced edges will survive the test of time.

No more claw marks on your expensive screen door! The Flux Phenom magnetic screen door opens easily with just a nudge of a head or hand. The screen door’s middle seam is lined with powerful magnets that allow it to close seamlessly behind you like magic!

The Flux Phenom instant magnetic screen door installs in just a few minutes in any doorway of your home! Keeps bugs out, allows fresh air in, and let’s your family pet freely go in and out of the house as they wish.

All hardware is included, as well as written installation instructions and a free online video tutorial. Fits all door sizes up to 38″ x 82″. A must have for any household!

Screen doors are a brilliant way to allow airflow while minimizing the presence of flying insects in your home. The problem with the traditional screen door, is that you have to open it! Dog wants out? Get up and open it. Plate full of barbecued ribs? Better have a free hand to open it. Little Timmy seems to be running rather fast at the screen, does he see it? No, he didn’t see it and he ran right into, or worse, right through it!

All of these issues are solved with the Flux Phenom magnetic screen door, because of it’s magnetic closure. You don’t need a free hand, you can just walk right through and the magnetic seam will seal up behind you. Same for your dog. Same for poor Timmy!

Save your sanity! The Flux Phenom top of the line magnetic screen door is the way.

The magnetic strip makes it totally self-tending, no need to “close” the door behind you!

Easy installation, takes only a few minutes to customize and set-up.

Stops flying insects in their tracks but allows you, and your pet, to pass right through.


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