Bounty Hunter Pinpointer Metal Detector | Water Resistant, Pro-sensitive Pinpointing Probe Metal Detector, Handheld Metal Detector by Bounty Hunter





EAN: 0066511439487


      • METAL DETECTING WITH TRUST: Our electric pinpointer, metal detecting device helps hobbyists, collectors, bounty hunters locate the exact position of target identified by regular metal detectors with highly-responsive sensory components without discriminating any metals. Powered by one 9-Volt battery, Bounty Hunter Pinpointer Metal Detector saves you both time and cost while fulfilling either your hobby or your duty.
      • METAL DETECTING WITH GREAT PRICE: Our pinpointer helps you do the job at a reasonable price. Compared to big brands as Garrett Pinpointer, our device delivers you full package of functions at lowest cost possible. Simplifying your job today by using our pinpointer!
      • METAL DETECTING WITH VERSATILITY: Bounty Hunter Pinpointer, handheld metal detector’s sensitivity is completely ADJUSTABLE to increase the likeliness of locating exact positions of target. Our metal detecting device’s sound system is also ADJUSTABLE, set the sound as your individual preference.
      • METAL DETECTING WITH CONVENIENCE: Weighing at 5.1 ounces, Bounty Hunter Pinpointer is super lightweight, convenient and mobile. Carry anywhere in your bag, backpack or tool box. This small, lightweight device employs precision tracking for speed recovery of location. It is ideal for recovery of small items in a wide variety of hunting conditions, ranging from highly mineralized ground to saltwater-saturated sand.
      • METAL DETECTING WITH NO WORRY: We try to provide customers with best product at reasonable prices. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. If you are unhappy with our products, do contact us and we will give you an immediate replacement or a full refund. Try the product risk-free!




      • You never know what you’ll find when you’re out for a day at the beach, or even camping in the woods. Sometimes, valuable items can get buried in sand, dirt or gravel and to the naked eye, would be unfindable. If you’re the kind of person that sees a vacation or a walk through the woods as an opportunity to do some treasure hunting, you’re in luck.
      • Portable pinpointer metal detectors can be used to effectively track down the precise location of an object that might be buried under sand, dirt of even submerged under water. These devices are small, built for a variety of conditions and are a must-have for anyone looking to locate things like misplaced jewelry, car keys or even someone just looking to get lucky and find something that someone else may have left behind.
      • While most pinpointers are designed for use with larger, more powerful metal detectors to maximize success, our Bounty Hunter PinPointer is powerful enough to cover a wide area on its own if necessary. By creating the option to modify the sensitivity as well as the sound system, you won’t lose a thing by selecting the Bounty Hunter Pinpointer  metal detector.


      • Power: 1*9V Battery
      • Operating Frequency: 6.8KHz
      • Operating Temperature: -5℃ to +55℃
      • Communicates through sound, 10cm waterproof detect pole
      • Locating elusive targets in any environment: grass, mud, dirt, sand, black sand, or even in wet places.


      • 1PCS /color Box
      • Box size:29*8.5*4.5cm         
      • G.Weight.:0.15kg     


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